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  • advertise boats without intermediaries
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Register as a boat owner completely free of charge.

At the beginning, you choose whether to register for private, or commercial purposes.

Private purposes

For the price of only 0.50 € per day you can use our intuitive, simple and comprehensive fleet management system. In it you will find absolutely everything that every yachtsman needs:

  • an overview of expenses,
  • an overview of documents,
  • An overview of defects and services,
  • planning using a calendar and much more.

You can upload an unlimited number of ships for one price.

Commercial purposes

If you want to advertise your boats and offer for rent, choose commercial use. Thanks to it, you will get access to advertising, where you can freely offer your boats. With the help of the credit system, you determine which boat and on which days you want to advertise, and you only pay for visible advertisements. The price of the advertisement is only 1.99 € per advertisement per day.

Offer boats at a lower price

To make our model work and customers to actually rent a boat directly from you, offer your boats at IS Boat at a lower price than intermediaries.


You are advertising a boat for 600 EUR . The intermediary will take a commission of 30%. The customer paid € 600, but you only have left € 420.

At IS Boat you can offer your boat for € 500. The customer quickly calculates that he will not find such a good price elsewhere, so he rents the boat directly. The customer paid € 500, you get € 500. You paid only € 1.99 per day for the ad.

Our platform is without obligations, commissions, fees and without pointless sanctions.

No late or delayed payments, cash (cash flow) goes directly from the client to you.

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