How we work

Online platform provided by IS Boat s.r.o.

The term „“ refers to IS Boat s.r.o., a limited liability company governed by the laws of the Czech Republic. at Londýnská 575/48, 120 00, Prague, Czech Republic.

The company IS Boat s.r.o. is fully owned by the group of companies Orbita Air Group a.s.

The company IS Boat s.r.o. owns the website

The company IS Boat s.r.o. provides an online platform via the website, which can be used by all boat operators, such as shipowners, central agents, charter companies, and can offer their products and reservation services here. Visitors to the site can create non-binding inquiries directly from providers.

The company IS Boat s.r.o. itself is not a provider of services offered on the website, and therefore does not offer any rental.

If you create a non-binding request via the website, you enter into direct contact with the provider of the service, which you can then book.

Our online platform is provided to users free of charge.

The company IS Boat s.r.o. does not charge the interested party a fee for making a non-binding reservation, a cancellation fee or any other fees related to a future reservation. The company IS Boat s.r.o. also does not charge any payments - these are charged directly by the provider.


Providers who are authorized to offer their reservation services and products, and whose offer is displayed on the website, are professionals in a contractual relationship with the company IS Boat s.r.o.

Part of this contractual relationship is the payment of advertising and system fee according to the valid price list of the service operator of the company IS Boat s.r.o.

Violation of obligations by the provider towards the company IS Boat s.r.o. may lead to the removal of advertising from the website.

Completeness of the offer

The offer of products and services that are available and that can be requested without obligation via the website may not be complete.

IS Boat s.r.o. does not disclose products and services offered by (non) professionals who are not in a contractual relationship with IS Boat s.r.o.

These providers do not necessarily offer all their rental options on the website

Updating information

All boat availability information displayed on the website is provided by providers who update their prices, availability and options at their own discretion through the back office pages to which they have access.

The company IS Boat s.r.o. is trying to update the website in real time.

Boat Sorting

On our search results page, rentals in the selected area or country are sorted by default sorting or by personalized settings using filters located at the top of the search results page. You can use these to see only results that match these filters.

  • Our top selection (default sort):
    „Our top selection“ is the default sort setting created by a complex and constantly changing and evolving automatic system. This algorithm takes into account many criteria, including the provider's popularity with customers, prices, records of customer service provided, and certain booking information.
  • Cheapest price:
    Boats will be displayed from the lowest to the highest price.
  • Highest Discount:
    Boats will display from highest to lowest discount.

Prices and any additional fees

The prices listed on the website are set by the provider.

  • Boat rental:
    Unless otherwise stated, prices are displayed for boat rental for the entire stay. Possible taxes and other fees may vary depending on the boat rental, the type of boat chosen and the number of guests. Note: Taxes may vary depending on the decisions of local authorities and countries. We show all equipment and facilities offered by the provider. The use of all equipment and facilities may not be included in the price. An additional fee may be charged for the use of some facilities and services such as check-in / check-out, cleaning, outboard engine, last refueling of the boat.

Dispute resolution

A contractual relationship is established between the provider and the interested party. Therefore, any complaints regarding the terms of chartering or providing services must be addressed directly to the provider.

Unless otherwise stipulated in public law regulations, any dispute arising from the use of our services and general conditions must be submitted to the relevant legal institutions in Prague in the Czech Republic.